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Real Estate Cover Letter Template

In reference to the advertised position for Real Estate Agent in the (Daily Herald)

Dear (Mr.Klein),

I have been a resident of (name of city) for (15) years.

Having grown up (here/in nearby town) I am at home in the surroundings, have a vast knowledge of the different neighbourhoods (UK)/neighborhoods (US) and its streets as well as being very familiar with the hidden, high valued property areas within selected areas.

I have a very outgoing personality and have been told that people feel immediately comfortable around me. This has proven to be a welcome quality in the business of real estate.

When dealing with future homeowners or renters, making them feel relaxed and enjoy the experience with their agent is the most important factor in securing them as not only a valuable clients but inviting them to remain loyal to the agency for any future dealings.

I have (enclosed/attached) together with my (Resume/CV) a couple of references from (name of agency) where I worked for (3 years) up until (2009). I have been working at (current place of employment) for the last (6 months) but unfortunately it has not proven to be the job I was hoping for.

As a result I am not sufficiently challenged or able to work at my highest level of expertise and am now looking for a new, professional agency like (Regency Homes) to become one of their valued team members.

I wish to thank you for your time today and very much hope to be able to meet at your offices for a formal interview for this position and demonstrate my dedication to the industry.

I can be reached on (495-249-29990) between (9am-5pm) daily.

Kind regards,

(Your name + signature)

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